Fellow Stagg Brew Guide
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    STEP 1

    Place filter in dripper and pre-wet with almost boiling water (around 200 degrees) to fully saturate filter and wash away any papery particles. Pour remaining water out of the cup.
    Fellow Stagg coffee brew guide

    STEP 2

    Grind 20 grams of Case Coffee as fine as sea salt and place in pre-wetted filter, making sure the coffee bed is flat for even distribution.
    Fellow Stagg coffee brew guide

    STEP 3

    Start timer. Pour 40-50 grams of water into the coffee bed, fully saturating the grounds. Wait 30 seconds.

    STEP 4

    Begin pouring water in slow, steady circles, from the edge to the center, until scale registers 300 grams. The stream of water should be approximately the thickness of a mouse tail.
    Fellow Stagg coffee brew guide

    STEP 5

    Let water fully drip from coffee bed. Enjoy your fresh cup of coffee!