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    Step 1


    Place filter in Chemex and pre-wet with almost boiling water (around 200) to fully saturate filter. Pour any remaining water out of the Chemex.

    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 2

    Grind 45 grams of Case Coffee as fine as sea salt and place in pre-wetted filter, making sure the coffee bed is flat for even distribution.
    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 3

    Start timer. Pour 75 grams of water into the coffee bed, fully saturating grounds with water. Wait 45 seconds.
    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 4

    Begin pouring water in slow, steady clockwise circles, from the edge to the center, until scale registers 720 grams.

    *Try and pace your pour by adding 100 grams of water approximately every 45 seconds. The stream of water should be about the thickness of a mouse tail.

    Let water fully drip from coffee bed before remove filter with grounds.

    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 5

    Give the brewed Chemex a gentle swirl to incorporate flavors before serving and enjoying