Chemex Brew Guide
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    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 1

    Place filter in Chemex and pre wet with just off boiling water (around 200) to fully saturate filter

    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 2

    Grind 45 grams of case coffee as fine as sea salt and place in pre-wetted filter making sure coffee bed is flat for a more even distribution.
    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 3

    Begin first pour of 75 grams of water into coffee bed, stirring grounds to fully incorporate with water, 45 seconds after initial pour, begin pouring water in clockwise circles from out edge to the center until scale registers 200 grams. At 1:30 begin third pour by repeating pour technique as before, this time until scale registers 300 grams.

    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 4

    Repeat step five, adding 100 grams of water every 45 seconds until the five minute fifteen second mark, where your water should be at 600 grams, and completing your final pour until the scale register 720 grams. Let water fully drip from coffee bed before remove filter with grounds.

    Chemex Brew Guide

    Step 5

    Give the brewed Chemex a gentle swirl to incorporate flavors before serving and enjoying