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    Step 1

    Pre-wet filter over a sink with just-off boiling water (around 200) and set aside. Return water to a boil.
    Aeropress Brew Guide
    Step 2
    Grind 18 grams of Case Coffee as fine as table salt and place in the inverted AeroPress.
    Aeropress Brew Guide

    Step 3

    Pull water off of the boil and wait 30-45 seconds for the water to cool to 200-205 degrees. Pour 260 grams of water over grounds, making sure to incorporate all grounds with water. Let rest until one minute and forty five seconds have passed since your initial pour.

    Aeropress Brew Guide

    Step 4

    Stir grounds gently to incorporate before scewing on cap with pre-wetted filter.

    Aeropress Brew Guide

    Step 5

    Quickly turn entire AeroPress with cap down onto mug of choice and begin pressing firmly. After around twenty five seconds of pressing the press will make a hissing sound letting you know it is done brewing.

    Aeropress Brew Guide

    Step 6

    Discard grounds and filter and rinse off remaining grounds in press.
    Enjoy your perfect cup of AeroPress Case Coffee!